Two Year Professional Training in Contemplative Psychology

In Contemplative Psychology we become familiar with our own mind, and discover that mindfulness and compassion are naturally healthy components of the human mind and heart. Karuna Training offers a transformative programme that uses this contemplative approach to help those who work professionally with others, as well as those who are interested in personal development.

It is particularly suitable for therapists, medical professionals, teachers, artists, organisational leaders and parents.

Karuna Training at a Glance

  • Two year comprehensive training programme in Contemplative Psychology
  • Three cycles composed of weekends, extended retreats and ongoing small groups
  • Experienced international teaching team
  • Individual, group and partner-based practices and techniques
  • Personal and professional development using a contemplative model
  • Introductions to Contemplative Psychology in autumn & spring

Introductions to Contemplative Psychology 2017-18

Compassion & Self-Care in Working with Others

20 January with John Seex in Bristol

Mindful Communication: Learning to Listen & Speak from the Heart

17 March with John Seex in London

How to be a Help instead of a Nuisance

5 May with Barbara Märtens in London